Curious About Medical Membership?



When you designate us as your Primary Center you receive:

  • $99 Sign Up Credit to use toward a $130 purchase

  • Member Pricing on everything including ounces, edibles, shake, trim, and glass!

  • Member Ounces are $80 out the door for all strains, everyday!


Our member patients receive monthly discounts and access to exclusive pop-up deals!

  • Access to Exclusive Promotions

  • A Monthly Store Credit to use which gets larger each month you keep us signed up.

    • Month 1 - 3.5g for $4

    • Month 2 - 7.0g for $8

    • Month 3 - 10.5g for $12

    • Month 4 - 14.0g for $16

    • Month 5 - 17.5g for $20

    • Month 6 - 21.0g for $24

    • Month 7 - 24.5g for $28

    • Month 8 - 28.0g for $32

    • Month 9 - 28.0g for $32

    • Month 10 - 28.0g for $32

    • 28.0g for $32 per month continues so long as you leave us signed as your Primary MMC! If you renew your card and sign us up immediately again, the $32oz deal continues monthly!


Do you have a high plant count and need more flower to make edibles at home? Here's what our EPC Members are eligible for:

  • $99 Sign Up Credit to use toward your first purchase as a member

  • We are currently able to offer a Daily Limit of 4oz’s up to 8oz’s depending on stock for all EPC members.

  • Your monthly discount will always be one $32 ounce (you do not have to work your way through the standard monthly discounts)



  • Had to have shopped here at least one time previously

  • You cannot currently have another Medical Marijuana Center signed up in METRC

  • You cannot currently be growing at home

  • You must have at least 120 days remaining on your card

  • Your card may not have an individual as your caregiver printed on it