Medical Membership

Platte Valley Dispensary knows medical Cannabis boasts positive healing, pain relieving, and therapeutic properties and effects on patients who consume it using a variety of methods. We are committed to helping those patients discover which strains and products are best suited for their needs while also providing them with some of the most affordable prices in the Denver-Metro area. Additionally, we are among the few medical dispensaries in a declining a group that continues to accept patients 18 years or older, as the Colorado Medical Marijuana Laws have dictated is acceptable. Patients interested in having Platte Valley as their caregiver and becoming a member can expect to enjoy benefits such as exclusive pricing on all product, a monthly 8th for $4, and a selection of flower and product directly influenced by their input and suggestions!

Medical Flower Prices (Tax Included)

Members:  1g/$9 | 1.75g/$12 | 3.5g/$20 | 7g/$30 | 14g/$55 | 1oz/$100

Non-Members:  1g/$10 | 1.75g/$15 | 3.5g/$25 | 7g/$40 | 14g/$70 | 1oz/$120